Hi, I'm Niels Emmer

Experienced Cloud Consultant

Professional Resume

Niels Emmer

Creative out-of-the-box thinker. Adaptive, engaged and committed to deliver.

Driven by new knowledge and getting the best out of people and technology, I find happiness in building things that last.

A strong background in IT and exposure to a wide range of environments allows me to get the bigger picture.

Experience from work in engineering, consulting and management roles allows me to build and execute.

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Skills & abilities
Microsoft Azure Architecture
Public & Hybrid Clouds
Networking & Security
Docker & Kubernetes
Jobs & Education
03.2020 - current
Cloud Consultant
Conclusion Experts
05.2018 - 03.2020
Cloud Engineer
KPN Werkplek / ApplicationNet
08.2017 - 04.2018
Technical Support Engineer
11.2016 - 12.2017
M&N Business Consultants Ltd.
04.2012 - 10.2016
Head of ICT
Arusha International Conference Centre
06.2004 - 03.2012
IT Consultant
Projects in Tanzania
12.1999 - 05.2004
Systems Engineer
Novell Inc
06.1997 - 11.1999
Support Engineer
Royal Dutch KPN
Active Certifications

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect

Issued Dec 2019 - Expires Dec 2021

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

AZ300: Issued Nov 2019

Microsoft Azure Architect Design

AZ301: Issued Dec 2019

Private Cloud

Staying on top of 'the cloud' is not possible without occasionally getting your hands dirty.

To that avail, I rented a VPS and used Ansible and Docker to deploy (and destroy) micro-services as I need them. To let you get a feel of some of these yourself, here's a few I've opened up.


All services are safely exposed - from behind a firewall - over https by Traefik reverse-proxy with an auto-renewing LetsEncrypt certificate and for things I'd rather keep private, authentication is handled by KeyCloak. The Hyper-visor's SSD's are encrypted with BitLocker using the latest TPM hardware. I do not log. In other words, your info is safe.

However, **NO** up-time, RTO or RPO guarantees apply to ANY of the below service instances, so use them for testing and evaluation only. What's here today...


Twitter for the fediverse

Follow friends and discover new ones among more than 4.4M people. Publish anything you want: links, pictures, text, video. All on a platform that is community-owned and ad-free.

My (single user) Mastodon instance connects to the fediverse using the ActivityPub protocol so I can connect to the world and still keep my data my own.


Hackable meta-search-engine

SearX is a self-hostable, configurable search engine that queries a vast number of well-known search engines simultaneously, combining results with snippets from Wikipedia and others.

Privacy enhancing, especially when using the image proxy, time saving and, free.

SearX GitHub page


Federated image sharing platform

With more than a few similarities to Instagram, Pixelfed uses the ActivityPub protocol to talk to the fediverse.

Just like with mastodon, this let me keep my pictures on my server and still reach the wider world…


The Cyber Swiss Army Knife

A simple, self-hostable and self-contained toolbox for all sorts of conversion, validation, batch-processing and forensics jobs.

Drag and drop chain-able operators, inputs and outputs from and to your browser.

CyberChef’s GitHub page.

BitWarden RS

Self-hosted password manager

Of all the paid-for and free password managers I’ve tested, this one ticks most boxes. Open Source, Multi-Platform, Self-Hostable, 2FA, Browser-integration and – when using the Rust version – lightweight.

BitWarden web-site
BitWardenRS on GitHub


Secure, client encrypted paste-bin

PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data.

Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES.

More information on the project page.

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