Presearch – A better search engine for We The People

tldr; Presearch is building a fully decentralised search-engine where you, the user, are in control, and you, the user, get rewarded in PRE’s, it’s native token, for any value you add. Yes, even for simply searching with Presearch!

Get your own Presearch account & start earning:*

* link with my referral code will give you 25 PRE’s signup bonus and, if you use Presearch for more than 30 days and earn more than 50 search-reward tokens, earns me 25 tokens commission. If this offends, use this direct link.

For some time now, I’ve been following a project named Presearch, which is building a decentralised search-engine ‘for the people’. Far from being yet another Google killer, their ‘token economy’, value driven approach to this mission is what really makes them stand out.

I’ve been impressed with their team, the stuff going on in the back-end and the open and engaged communication on their social channels. I’ve been running their search nodes, use as my main search-engine and never looked back.

Better than reading this from me, because all of this is just like, my opinion, is to Do Your Own Research. A good starting point is the vision paper at

And because an image says more than 1000 words and Presearch kindly allowed me to do so, you can view much more on’s new Presearch Channel (as well as at source, if you prefer ads).

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