Snapdrop – cross platform AirDrop in your browser

Another one of those super light super anonymous super useful tools that quickly went from let’s-try to use-it-every-day.

SnapDrop solves my problem of quickly getting stuff from device to device without cables, USB or cloud drives. It does so from my browser, across platforms.

Where FilePizza lets you send files across the internet, SnapDrop works when you’re standing right next to each-other. Or at least are in the same building.

Receiving a file from my phone

Sending files with SnapDrop couldn’t be easier. On your laptop, pc or phone, open from any recent browser. The bottom of your screen will now show what random (geeky) nickname your device has been given.

Now, on the other device, also open That’s it.

Click on one of the devices in your screen to send one or more files to it. Right-click (or long-touch) to send a message.

That really is all there is to it. No install needed.  

The official site for this service should be It seems to be down (as of Jan’23) though, which is why I am running my own intance. Bookmark:

Repo and info on self-hosting this at:

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